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Published by Lothian Children's Books, April 2022

A gentle story about showing bravery in the face of your fears that is sure to be a bedtime favourite. Perfect for fans of The Very Cranky Bear and The Gruffalo's Child.

Meet Moose, an enormous, brave and solitary moose, with nothing to fear. Unfortunately for Moose, his tranquil sleep is about to be shattered by a fright in the night.

Follow Moose as he shows great bravery in facing his fears and investigating the source of the night-time fright.

A gentle bedtime story that is sure to be a hit with parents and little readers everywhere.



The text flows along in expressive rhyming couplets and provides much opportunity for a dramatic read-aloud. The story sensitively captures Moose’s feelings of both fear and courage... The pages are a visual delight, soft pastel colours with pops of warmth are used, and Moose and the other forest animals are charmingly rendered. There are also interesting perspectives shown... These clever details add that extra dramatic element that enhances the story.

- Children's Book Council of Australia Reading Time

Crispe's engaging rhyming text rolls off the tongue, while her images are beautifully paced, with variations in perspective, layout and framing that add to the visual interest and provide both dramatic and comedic moments. And the frightened Moose, with his highly expressive body language, is a totally endearing character.

- The Canberra Times

Crispe’s background in zoology shines through with the loveable Moose and his unlikely furry friend who leave prints in the snow while tugging at your heartstrings... The story captures the beauty of change both literally and figuratively. Against the backdrop of transitioning from Autumn to Winter, Moose is also in a transitional period, moving from security and stability to stepping out of his comfort zone and learning to embrace the unknown.

- Better Reading

Through an intrigue-filled narrative inspired by a trip to Scandinavia and absolutely delightful watercolour illustrations, this heart-warming new release explores themes of friendship, bravery and facing your fears.

- My Picture Book Heart

The rhyming text is lilting, the paintings skilfully composed and brimming with details to delight young audiences... Susannah Crispe is a sensitive and perspicacious children’s book creator and this one is bound to be the first of many successes.

- Living Arts Canberra

A sweet and gentle rhyming tale... this one is perfect for a bedtime story with a surprise ending and soft illustrations capturing the expressive moose, the snow and the setting.

- One More Page Podcast (Episode 70: Thrills and Spills)

This is one of those books that rhymes and has beautiful flow. Not to mention the stunning illustrations and the darling story. Honestly, one of my favourites.

- Jess @theworddegree


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