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Written by Nicole Godwin, published by CSIRO Publishing, September 2022

A charming, cheeky story about a magpie with one very important job!

Magpie has one job, one desire, one purpose: KEEP THE EGGS SAFE. Always on alert for danger, will Magpie's determination be enough when rock-carrying intruders arrive?

Why do magpies swoop and why do we have such a fascination with them? Discover more about these clever, cheeky and charming songbirds through this delightful book.

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Endies 2022


Visual humour abounds in this book, including the marvellously inventive array of optimistic "anti-magpie" headwear sported by the people in Magpie's firing-line...This is a fabulous way to help young people appreciate a magnificent bird that is an important part of our urban environment.

- The Canberra Times


I adored this picture book. Absolutely loved it. It explores a topic that is soooo relatable to basically everyone, and I just love how Crispe injects the hilarious truth of magpie avoidance into her illustrations... Crispe creates an entire world, with multiple characters that have stories of their own lovingly weaved into their expressions, clothing and accessories. It’s truly a delight to turn each page... It’s fun, joyful, funny and relatable. It’s a perfect picture book that kids will love, love, love.

- Kids' Book Review

An informative delight with a heartwarming story! I love that we have this wonderful book out in the world to celebrate and create more understanding around these clever, cheeky and charming songbirds.

- Picture Book Book Club

Godwin has done a fantastic job at making me love a bird species I once feared: the magpie. Like many Australians, I’ve been a victim of magpies and their swooping antics. But why do they swoop? ... I highly recommend it for curious and inquisitive young readers!

- Better Reading

This glorious picture book written by Nicole Godwin will become a firm favourite of younger readers. The striking end papers and bold illustrations by Susannah Crispe will delight the reader and perfectly complement the simple yet captivating text.

- Read Plus

Throughout, Nicole Godwin’s story is told from the point of view of the magpie. It is clear and simple but uses a pleasing variety of vocabulary and inference. Susannah Crispe’s characteristic clean but decorative illustrations enhance the text but also tell their own story.

- Living Arts Canberra


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