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Saturday 18 June 2023

Cloudspotting was officially launched into the world in style, and what a glorious day for a book party on a boat on Lake Burley Griffin!

We had some very enthusiastic eaters of cloud cupcakes, crab cookie
s and crab lollipops, and some wonderfully creative crafters. I spotted some future illustrators in the crowd! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, and the hugest thank you to the Book Cow Kingston and the amazing venue MV Southern Cross.


March 2023

Wow, the colours in Cloudspotting are just glorious! It's one thing seeing the paintings on my desk and proofs on my screen, it's something else entirely holding a physical copy of the book. Written by Canberra powerhouse Samantha Tidy, it's floating onto bookshelves now. What a joy to watch my son noticing his own toys in the illustrations, giggling at the sea gulls' antics and spotting animals in the clouds.


February 2023

Cracking out the crystal flutes and a bottle of champagne on this gloriously warm and sunny day in honour of signing my latest contract.


This will be my ninth picture book, and I'm excited to be working on this beautiful story, written by multi-talented author Dee White. Published by Windy Hollows, Thankyou Whale will make it's way into the world in 2025.

PUBLICATION DAY - 回到你身邊 (Back To You) - Mandarin Edition of Where the Heart Is

December 2022

Happy publication day to 回到你身邊! The Taiwanese publisher Heliopolis even made a re-jigged trailer with is just divine! It's incredible to think that my little illustrations are out there in the world living their own life and now reaching Mandarin speakers around the world.