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Written by Isabelle Duff, published by EK, October 2021

Cookie is a heart-warming story about the love between a pet and their person. It is also a sensitive exploration of childhood depression and anxiety, and the importance of empathy. With beautiful words and playful illustrations, it provides a gentle starting point for big conversations.

It is for children who have experienced depression and anxiety just like Girl. It is for kids who don't understand why someone close to them is so sad. It is for anyone who needs to talk to young people about mental illness. And above all, it is for dog-lovers everywhere.


Isabelle Duff tells the story in first person through Cookie and you can feel the reflection of her experiences in the story as it slowly unfolds. What a lovely book to help children unravel some of the tricky feelings around depression and help step into some bigger conversations when ready. The illustrations by Susannah Crispe are gentle and kind and show a real depth of feeling that allow the story to be ‘felt’. I know that sounds impossible but that is truly what they did for me.

- Educating Young Children


FREE kids affirmation and wellbeing cards. Help your child build self-worth and a positive mindset from a young age. These confidence-building statements are mindfully paired with illustrations from 'Cookie' to assists visualising each phrase. Simply download the PDF, print on A4 paper or card and cut out the 18 unique designs.


Click the images to the right to download printable PDFs of the Cookie colouring sheet or Origami Corner Dog Bookmark. Check out the recipes for Fudgy Choc Chip Cookies and Peanut Bacon Dog Biscuits.

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The voice in this story is fresh and unique. It speaks clearly to the reader and delivers a strong message about how love and friendship can help you cope with sadness.

- Buzzwords

Cookie is the type of picture book whose appealing characters and playful illustrations immediately endear it to youngsters yet will also choke the hearts of older readers, all the way to its tender end... Timely, affectionate, and quietly affecting, Cookie will appeal to a wide audience, Border collie lovers notwithstanding and is highly recommended.

- Dim's Write Stuff


Jumping pup cups and paper roll dogs kept us busy for days (and have of course evolved into jumping shark cups, jumping elephant cups, launching rocket cups, etc, etc). We collected wattle and leaves and set up Cookie's rural farm using a tray with playdough and plastic animals.

It is important that children hear these stories which normalise the gamut of human emotions. It’s refreshing to see such weighty matters brought into the language and understanding of the child. 

- Living Arts Canberra

Isabelle Duff and Susannah Crispe have put together a really beautiful story of connection and friendship... The presentation of the book is vibrant and unique.

- NZ Booklovers

Cookie is a tender exploration of the relationship between a young girl and her pet dog, presented in a unique synthesis of emotion by both writer and illustrator.

- Kids' Book Review