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Written & illustrated by Susannah Crispe, EK Books, September 2024

Patrick is sad. He feels empty and alone. But then an acorn drops at his feet... and then he finds another... and another. The more acorns he collects, the less empty he feels. But as the house fills with acorns, things start to get out of control. Can Patrick and his Dad find a way to move past the acorn chaos and cope with their grief together?

A uplifting story of love, hope, resilience and growth, perfect for anyone who's ever felt overwhelmed by loss or emotional upheaval.


Too Many Acorns internal

Patrick and Dad learn how to cope with their grief together in this beautifully illustrated, uplifting story about resilience, connection, and growth.

When Patrick suffers a huge loss, he finds comfort in holding an acorn that drops at his feet. The more acorns he collects, the less empty he feels… but soon there are acorns hiding in cupboards, under the rug, and even in Dad’s work shoes. As the tide of acorns grows, Patrick’s belongings are buried under them, until all he has is… perhaps… too many acorns.

Join Patrick and Dad as they learn how to cope with their overwhelming grief together, rediscovering the things that make them happy while holding their memories close.

Through gentle language, illustrations and metaphor, Too Many Acorns explores big emotions in a way that is manageable and understandable for young readers. It is a heart-warming story about the ways we find to cope in the hardest times, perfect for sharing with little ones who are experiencing the loss of a loved one, or any other emotional upheaval.

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