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Susannah Crispe is an award-winning Australian illustrator and author. She creates beautiful, tonal scenes brimming with detail. Her stories are filled with adventure, heart and humour; exploring emotions and inspiring joy.


Susannah - originally from New Zealand - grew up in a large country town in Australia. While at school, she was told she should stick to art, as she was no good at writing, so she takes great pleasure in being able to call herself a published author. She majored in art history and world religions in her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney, and went on to study zoology and entomology at the University of New England. Instead of getting a job in any of the aforementioned fields, Susannah alternated between travelling the world, and working in bookshops.

Susannah Crispe

Her adventures had her dodging piranhas and caimans as she canoed the Amazon River, and following in the footsteps of polar bears across Arctic sea ice. She has encountered ancient gods deep under the ground, visited fossilised sea caves at the top of soaring mountains, climbed glaciers and volcanoes, and gone ghost hunting in almost every city she's visited.


Susannah is passionate about animals, art and adventure, and she brings that passion to her picture books. 


Susannah writes and illustrates her books from a light-filled studio in Canberra, drawing inspiration from her wild son, cluttered bookshelves and the world beyond her windows. Her books include: Where the Heart Is, Cookie, Under the MoonlightSwoop, Cloudspotting and The Real Cowgirl.

Susannah is available for school author/illustrator visits. Rates are based on the Australian Society of Authors recommendations. Susannah incorporates storytelling, insights into the writing and illustrating processes, drawing demonstrations or craft activities into her workshops. 



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Winner - 2022 Endies - Endpaper Awards for Swoop, 'Variations on a Theme'


Shortlist - Larrikin House Picture Book Competition 2022: Frank (WT)

Winner - ACT Notable Awards Children's Small Press 2021: Where the Heart Is

3rd Place - Forevability Book Awards 2021: Cookie

Winner - Creative Kids Tales 2020 Writing Competition: Under the Moonlight

Winner - ASA Style File Illustration Award Mentorship 2019: Under the Moonlight


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