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Samantha Tidy and Susannah Crispe (illustrator)

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Isabelle Duff and Susannah Crispe (illustrator)


Nicole Godwin and Susannah Crispe (illustrator)

The Real Cowgirl

Isabelle Duff and Susannah Crispe (illustrator)

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Under the Moonlight

Susannah Crispe


​"What a beautiful, beautiful book."
​- Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

"Where the Heart Is offers insights into the comfort to be found in friendship, and the strong bonds that can form between humans and animals. A rare bird of a book: light and deep in equal measure."
​- South Sydney Herald

"Crispe's artwork has strong child appeal, with the delightful Dindim exhibiting the full gamut of emotions... There is pathos, sentiment, adventure, danger and solace in this charming book about the strength of friendship and the power of kindness and caring."
- Canberra Times

​"Irma Gold pulls you right into the emotion of this true story with a retelling that tugs on heart strings and inspires bravery and caring for others...  With stunning illustrations by debut illustrator Susannah Crispe, Joao and Dindim come alive... A beautiful story to share at home, and equally as perfect to explore as a class, Where the Heart Is is a powerful and joyful tale that proves friendship and love know no distance."
- Kids' Book Review

​"This book is a perfect example of the capacity of the picture book to both enchant and inform us... Evocatively illustrated by Susannah Crispe and skilfully told in words by Irma Gold, this story is indeed one that both touches our hearts and intrigues us."
- Living Arts Canberra

Where the Heart Is

Irma Gold and Susannah Crispe (illustrator)

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